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Jessica has created 2 B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L dolls of my brother & his fiancée for me and they are BEYOND amazing!! They are exactly what I wanted and more! I’m astonished and awed by the handcrafting skills and extreme eye to details. All I did was provide an image of my brother & his fiancée, and POOF – two adorable Animinis duplicates! ^-^  I can’t wait to wrap the dolls up and give them to my brother for Christmas! If you are looking for wonderfully adorable and personal gift for your loved ones, GET ANIMINIS!
K. Liou, New York

Animinis is great! The dolls are made really well and are so cute! Jessica gives you plenty of options when customizing your doll! Now I have dolls of my favorite characters!
- L. Louis, New Jersey

Animinis are just absolutely amazing! There is nothing else like them. Jessica really takes her time with each one to make them great and to your satisfaction. The effort she puts in to making sure each detail is right is just unmatched. There is no other business like this. Animinis is truly one of kind, literally. You will never find another doll like the one you would get.
- S. Guzman, New York

Hello! I recently purchased a doll from Animinis and I won't lie... I absolutely LOVE IT! My doll is absolutely adorable and even has a removable jacket, the perfect touch to this custom creation! The price was absolutely right for the quality and attention to detail. It was exquisite! I plan on making many more purchases from this exciting, up and coming craft talent!
- R. Stravato, New Jersey

Jess put an incredible amount of small detail work into my dolls and I absolutely love them. She went above and beyond what most people would have done and that's what makes them so special. She really puts her heart into making all her dolls and I'm sure anyone who gets one will love it to bits.
- M. O'Leary, New Jersey